Being a 21st Century Teacher…

… what exactly does this mean?


Well for me collaboration must be right up at the top of the list of things that make a 21st century teacher.

I can honestly say that since I found Twitter and started blogging with my class I have become much more adventurous with how I go about teaching as well as having a renewed enthusiasm for my role. It has been amazing to link up with so many other like-minded educators who are willing to share new ideas and experiences that enhance the lives of their learners. I have connected with people who have introduced me to Quadblogging, Solo Taxonomy, Dough Gym, iPads across the curriculum, blogging for the class and for me, UKedchat (and many other Twitter chats!), Skype (mystery skype), 100 word challenge, guided reading methods and becoming a CAS master teacher. All of these discoveries, and I’m sure some I have missed, have started in my class and in many cases been shared across the school.

Only last weekend, thanks to one tweet:



…I have now linked up with 3 classes who are all enthusiastic to collaborate together. We have set up a Google doc to share dates and information, added links to our blog as well as embedded a map so that the children can see where their buddies are! Strangely, following on from this, a parent of a child in my class asked me how I had chosen the classes we are linked up with as it turns out one of them is her home-town in Australia. This has given an added excitement to the class as they have someone in the class linked! As well as this, some Australian headteachers were walking around school on Friday and so I shared with them how I had linked up with some Australian schools and they too had heard of the schools I am linked with! They were excited to hear about the connections being made – I only wish I could head over there sometime to see some of the great things going on in their education system! Another of the schools I have made links with is in Ireland who we will be focussing on next week sent this tweet:  


I am excited to join with this project next week as we focus on their class! It will be interesting to see what the children spot!

It is amazing how one small tweet has allowed to me to share and collaborate with so many people!

For me, successful CPD is where teachers can collaborate to find out about things that interest them and then stay in touch to discuss successes or failures.

Recently starting the CAS Master Teacher course has given me an enthusiasm for the new computing curriculum (I discovered this course on twitter too!). After going on the course, I came away enthused to find out more about Raspberry Pi due to collaboration with another educator who has already undertaken the Raspberry Pi academy! That is why I have written this post. I started off thinking I would write a post about all the different qualities of a 21st Century Teacher but once I started I realised that it is collaborating that has made me a 21st Century Teacher – it leads to all other kinds of things but ultimately it has changed my teaching!

I have my fingers crossed now that I will be accepted for the next Raspberry Pi academy in October!


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