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Getting started – nurture 13/14

Nurture 13/14

Throughout the past year I have had the pleasure of reading blogs from some wonderful educational tweeps. Each time I read one I think about what a great way it is to reflect as well as share ideas. It has been one of the best forms of CPD and given me so many things to try with my class and across the school. A few of my favourites include starting the 100 Word Challenge with my class and across KS2 and the 5 Sentence Challenge which is being developed in KS1 – thank you to @TheHeadsOffice, developing blogging across the school and quadblogging in my own class (and hopefully across the school over the next year!) – thank you to @DeputyMitchell, thank you to @SwayGrantham who has shared some wonderful ideas on her blog and to @RachelOrr whose blog has really helped with an understanding of how to spread the Pie Corbett approach across the school.

Thanks to these people and many more, I am determined to start my own blog alongside my class blog. I don’t know how much I will be able to post and definitely can’t commit to doing so daily but will aim for at least once a half term and see how it goes from there… I may even try and add my challenge #52 photos on too! Take a look here if you are interested in trying the challenge –

I have certainly learned a lot in 2013 but there is still more I hope for this year so here goes for my thirteen positives from 2013.


Thirteen positives from 2013


  1. Completing the Photo challenge 365 – at the start of the year I didn’t think I would manage it but with some great encouragement from some wonderful ladies – I have made it! Thank you @TheHeadsOffice @Janeh271 @renoonog37
  2. Guitar – I have been moaning on about starting to learn and finally  decided it was about time I did it. So for this year’s birthday a guitar is what I got along with a book of Coldplay songs. I may be a way off that book at the moment (I can just about manage Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) but perhaps by this time next year…
  3. Running – I love running and despite missing the Silverstone Half Marathon (due to OFSTED and HMI stress), I have managed to keep going at shorter distances and take part in some shorter races. My times have been picking up too!
  4. Towards the end of 2013, I have begun to see friends and family more by trying to develop the work/life balance. I have a way to go but I have definitely improved!
  5. Barcelona – a place that  and I have wanted to visit for a while and finally managed it there as a special birthday present for Mr D. It was great and I have some fabulous memories and photos!
  6. Relaxing Summer holiday to Fuerteventura – I didn’t think this was going to happen as it was so last minute when booked as work had taken up so much time. I am so glad we did and it was the perfect escape after a very hectic year at school.
  7. Painting over the summer –  and I had been discussing painting our downstairs toilet pretty much since moving into our house 5 years ago and finally, this summer, we got around to doing it! As can be expected with Darling DIY  (more coats than first imagined, a broken toilet seat and dodgy electrics were just a few issues!), it didn’t all go exactly to plan but we persevered and eventually ended up with a room we are happy with!
  8. Moving house – something we had considered over the past year but after discussing with a neighbour we have ended up deciding to extend our current house. Planning permission came through in November so exciting developments are afoot!
  9. Twitter – over the past year I have become addicted and learnt so much from some fantastic people! I only hope I can share as much this year.
  10. Blogging – I have continued to develop this with my class and I’m loving watching it spread across the school and the children becoming more confident online.
  11. Ipads – another development in my own teaching and across the school. It is such a motivational resource when used in the correct way. I have been inspired by so many but have found @ICT_MrP and his blog a brilliant inspiration.
  12. Taking on the role of Literacy leader – this is something I haven wanted to do for a while and was so happy when the opportunity came up and I could start this year! I have loved developing the Pie Corbett approach across the school, working on Guided Reading and Phonics as well as thinking about how to develop grammar with Pie. So much to do still but loving the challenge.
  13. Leading staff meetings – before this year, I hadn’t really had much chance to do this. It has been great to share ideas with others and hear what kind of things they would like more of.


Fourteen wishes for 2014


  1. Most important to me is Work/Life balance – I am terrible at this and must work out ways to spend more time with family and friends!
  2. Guitar – I must aim to spend some time each day (or at least every other day) practising especially if I want to play any Coldplay songs by this time next year.
  3. Running – I will continue to run as it is great to relieve stress. I am signed up for this year’s Silverstone Half and aim to match (or possibly beat) my previous time.
  4. Photo Challenge 52 – after completing the 365 challenge this should be more than possible although I would like to improve the quality of my photos.
  5. Read – I love reading and sometimes read too many educational books (which I do enjoy) but should spend more time on books for pleasure.
  6. Get to goal – I have been so close to my WW goal for a while but this year I must meet it!
  7. Write more – the reason for developing this blog so that I can reflect more and share ideas.
  8. Switch off treats – I started making sure I had some me time more often towards the end of 2013 and this is definitely something to keep up into 2014. I need to ensure time away from work!
  9. Extension – spend time with Mr Darling thinking about what we want for our new housing development.
  10. Twitter – continue to keep up to date with educational developments and ideas as well as sharing experiences from my own class.
  11. Ipads – work on developing them more in class in order to develop deeper learning and enthuse the children. Share this experience in school, twitter and on my blog.
  12. Develop my role as Literacy leader – I hope to continue to use this role to support my colleagues and help the school move forward. There is so much to do!
  13. Enjoy my class – they will only be that age once and I want it to be memorable for them.
  14. Enjoy the year and take as many opportunities as I can!

Well, a slightly longer post than I thought I would do for my first one but great to get it all down!

I hope that everyone can achieve their goals for this year!

It seems like a lot but I think it is possible!